Ultra Blue

Ultra Blue

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A deep blue that bellows its brilliance throughout any interior or exterior setting. 

Our linseed oil paint is entirely natural and perfect for both exterior and interior applications. Linseed oil paint is the best surface coating for timber, as the natural linseed oil seeps into the timber grains, protecting it from water, weather, bugs and diseases, ensuring longlasting durability. 

This linseed oil paint is ground locally in our Sydney factory with our traditional triple roller mill, creating the smoothest consistency natural paint on the market, improving coverage, aesthetics, and texture, and has a gloss finish. This makes this natural product perfect for all jobs, including heritage sites and restoration.

Being entirely natural, our linseed oil paint is completely odourless and non-toxic, benefiting both the environment and our own health.

Sustainability and Environment
Peter Lewis Paints are proudly made in Australia using natural pigments and non-toxic plant-based ingredients. Eco-friendly, low VOC and plastic free. Better for you, better for the planet.

Need Help?
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