Actually Natural

Made of natural materials, Linseed Oil Paint is literally alive as it breathes and morphs adapting to atmospheric changes. Strengthening and becoming more beautiful over time, it is defined by a grainy and loosely rough texture and comes in the broadest colour spectrum available on the market. A hydrated (or slaked) lime-based product, it is a highly breathable and natural material.

Sourced naturally

We’ve scoured the globe to source natural mineral deposits that have been tapped by art and industry for centuries to create brilliant artworks and architecture. Whether its iron oxide from Greece, Australia and Italy, cobalt from Germany or vermilion from Iran, these are the kinds of pigments used by the greats throughout history to create masterpieces — and which can now become part of and inspire our daily domestic, commercial and public spaces.


By using the finest natural pigments as our base, choosing to work with natural additives, and processing every colour ourselves by hand — we’re able to completely control production of Peter Lewis Paints. We mix our colours with full peace of mind, knowing that we’re VOC-free. This means the airways of our team, your contractor, your family, and community are kept as clean as possible — particularly important for those who are sensitive to air purity and who suffer from conditions like asthma.