Pure Pedigree

There’s a reason why great artists have always taken the time to source the finest materials for their masterpieces. By tapping the same mineral sources that have inspired the greats throughout history, we’re part of a creative lineage that’s worth preserving. Knowing that the quality of our colour has a direct link to the revered artistic traditions of the world gives us great pleasure — and great responsibility.

Unique beauty

Purity is quite different to uniformity when it comes to paints — and that’s where the natural beauty of our products shine. When looked at under the microscope, each granule of mineral pigment is unique in shape and structure. Though this detail is undetectable by the naked eye, each fragment refracts the light much like a jewel; the effect is a more luminous colour with a chromatic depth and character that cannot be replicated by synthetic paints whose molecules are completely uniform, creating a dull, flat effect with no variation or depth.


Simply formed

Using natural pigments keeps our processing straightforward. Where a synthetic paint requires complex formulas to manipulate and balance out the effects of each compound, our paints are generally made up of a simple combination of raw pigment, some water and plant-based oils where needed. The purity of the product means processing is simpler — which creates a positive feedback loop where our time and energy can be invested into sourcing the best materials possible.