Health First

At Peter Lewis Paints, health, and wellbeing are more than just buzzwords — they are core values that we commit to through each step of our process, and every layer of our business. Nature’s principles have in-built integrity; by aligning with them, we’re supporting the conditions for best health, wellbeing, and sustainability outcomes.

Breathing easy

Being all-natural and VOC-free is important to us because we know we’re not creating harmful by-products that contribute to a poor-quality atmosphere. This not only helps us physically breathe better, but also gives us greater peace of mind. When using Peter Lewis Paints products, you’re a part of this journey too — a shared commitment to long-term benefits for people, animals, and planet.


Simple care

The impact of production ripples far and wide. From the way the pigments are naturally formed and obtained, to their processing and application — many hands are involved in bringing the paint from the earth to the surfaces of your project. Once applied, your immediate family and community reap the health benefits of our all-natural products, which are also enjoyed by the wider community–including future generations–for years to come.