Mineral Pigment Paints

Natural mineral earth pigments at Peter Lewis Paints

Most architectural and interior paints today are mass manufactured from hundreds of synthetic materials. The effect is a flat, homogenous finish that is easily replicable. 

In contrast, mineral pigments found in natural ores all over the world have a ‘rocky road’ consistency under the microscope. Whilst the jewel-like imperfection is undetectable to the naked eye, it produces an unmistakable depth when painted onto surfaces. The effect is a dynamic dialogue with the changing light throughout the day, providing an endless source of interest.

Microscopic image of cinnabar, a deep red natural pigment, image courtesy Michael Price.

This is the characteristic visual beauty of mineral pigments, found in natural deposits globally. From Greece, Australia and Italy (iron oxide) to Germany (cobalt) and Iran (vermilion), natural pigments have been colouring our lives throughout history. These are the rich, raw hues used by our ancestors, favoured by the great Renaissance masters, and which continue to inspire us today.

Natural mineral pigments, image courtesy Michael Price.

Because they are so naturally beautiful, mineral pigments don’t require the complex processing that synthetic pigments do. By adding a simple mixture of plant-based oils and water, these powders come to life in a sublime texture that is completely VOC- and chemical-free.

We source raw minerals from around the world where they naturally occur. Then we process them in small batches in our factory in Sydney on our traditional triple-roller mill, nicknamed 'Fred' after Peter's grandfather. Our launch range includes wonderful, unique colours made naturally.

Peter Lewis Paints, custom colour paint mixing.

But your imagination can take you further. Because we process the pigments ourselves, the possibilities are infinite. Under your guidance, we can create a custom colour for your project, which cannot be replicated in tone or depth. 

The world is our palette and our canvas. Let’s paint together.


Contact us to chat about custom colours for your home or project, or order our hand-painted Fandeck for inspiration!  


A special thank you to Michael Price for the jewel-like microscopic images of deep red, cinnabar and selection of natural mineral pigments.